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We support kids, teens and grown-ups alike through a variety of fun and creative courses  to help elevate and optimize life!

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Student-inspired learning: an optimal approach to education.

Each class below is completely customized to meet the needs of the  student. Browse the custom/private project-based classes below. Available for all ages.

Art creation using fundamental art principles and techniques


In this personalized environment,  students will be encouraged to select an art project idea they are excited to create and will be guided in creating it using fundamental art principles and techniques to bring it to life. Each project is an opportunity to receive guidance in techniques such as shading, training the eye to see basic shapes, point of perspective, an understanding of color theory, and much more. We provide many mediums to experiment with such as acrylics, pastels, watercolor, canvas and much more.

Taught by Sariah Tate who received a minor and certificate in Arts and Technology from the University of Utah. She has taught art classes in public elementary schools and privately for several years.


Best place ever for art lessons! My daughter learned so much, and had so much fun! Her final project was beautiful and it was so fun for them to get to frame their special piece and have their own official art show to display their masterpieces. Sariah is an amazing artist, and is wonderful at bringing the artist out in each child as well!
Tiffany Wallis

Young Entrepreneur


Does your child have a big business idea or do they love to make things and dream of selling their creations?

My desire is to encourage your child to kindle their passion and guide them in creating a real life mini business of their own.

This class is designed to empower the young entrepreneur to believe in their capacities for current and future endeavors.

In this class we will cover: creating a vision, creating value, branding, promotion, money principles, creating their product, selling and making their business scalable.

Each student will receive their own workbook designed to guide and develop their business ideas.

This private class guided by Serial Entrepreneur Sariah Tate: founder and CEO of Pekebuo.com- patented bag systems and Set4lifeacademy.com

This is a custom private class that can be customized to fit your schedule and budget, please click here for more info.

Set4Life Mentoring with Passion Project for Creatives


Do you have a creative child who struggles with ways to cope with their big emotions?

The guidance provided through this mentoring program is two fold:

First, exploring what the student is passionate about creating and pursuing a project that really excites them. This will help channel their energy in a constructive and creative way. The program will help provide the guidance needed to create whatever they student intends bring to life.

Second, the goal is to  provide life skills and a vision to help sustain a positive feeling of life in the pursuit of worthy dreams. This is achieved through the help of the  Set4life workbook and planner

This program is intended to provide the student with clarity and coping strategies during challenges/failures (or what I consider harmless moments of dysregulation) as well as create evidence of their own successes through project based learning.

With this simple yet powerful framework and the development personal skills, I believe the student can face life with confidence that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Set4Life Academy is the best! My child has taken art classes and is now learning the work behind creating a show. Sariah provides a comfortable environment where kids can explore, ask questions, and learn the discipline required for artistic work. I love the balance between work and art, and I have really love seeing my child gain confidence through the process. We took one class and grabbed another one when we were done! Getting the kids to leave is our biggest problem!

Courtney Cooper

Graphic/Web/Print Design

(private/semi private/small group)

Students will be introduced to the vast world of digital art and graphic design. Living in the digital age means that skills like graphic design using Adobe tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and other creative digital software are indispensable. Depending on students' individual goals, we can explore focuses such as logo creation, illustration, photography, website design, and so many other possibities in diverse world of graphic/web/print design. The classroom will have access to Adobe Creative Suite and Procreate.

Taught by Sariah Tate with a degree in Mass Communication and a minor in Arts and Technology from the University of Utah. She has experience as a graphic and web designer for over a decade. 

Kids YouTube Channel Creation Course

Does your child dream of creating their own YouTube channel but you don’t know where to help them start? Are you looking for a way to help them develop their ideas and skills so they can fulfill their goal of publishing quality, consistent content they are excited to share with the world?

In this personalized class your child (and their friends that want to join) will have the ideal support and skilled guidance needed to create the epic channel they have been dreaming about! Each child will receive customizable workbooks and mentorship to help develop their vision. We focus on creating value for our audience, channel branding, basic camera, lighting, audio, and video editing skills, and most importantly, delivering content that is fun to create and watch.

Taught by Sariah Tate with a Mass Communications degree and minor in Arts and Technology from the University of Utah. She has helped develop and publish several YouTube videos with students.

  Are you looking to discover powerful ways to nurture YOUR whole self so you can feel your best to serve your purpose and family?

This is the self-care you’ve craving looking for.  Get ready to receive the support needed to feel Set4LIFE!

I’m so GRATEFUL I joined the Set4Life Academy. In a year when I had gotten pretty used to negative thinking and lowering my expectations, Sariah’s course helped me change my mindset and start achieving my personal and professional goals.
Through a combination of discussion, reflection, and practical application of simple principles, Sariah helps you understand your “true self” and how to become the person you want to be.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed, stuck, or just needs a little inspiration in their lives. 10/10 recommend!

Sariah has done years of study on how to train your mind, body and spirit for success. In a relatable and indispensable way she has put all the best parts of her learning together in an indispensable set of courses that is not only memorable but is also empowering in a lasting way. On top of her in person courses she is incredibly generous in offering additional tools and resources to follow along with and as follow up to her classes! I am so grateful I took part in the first series of these classes and look forward to participating in more of her courses in the future! Thank you Sariah for all your work and your willingness to offer this program and your knowledge!

THE SET4LIFE course: A Whole-Being approach to wellness and goal setting for moms.

Are you ready to feel your best so you can perform and achieve at your highest level? Have you wondered how to improve your overall health and want to understand how to do it from a holistic place?

In this course we will dive deep to understand  the four main parts of health (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) and how they operate together. We will learn what can be done to nurture each aspect so we can live in harmony with our core desires.
In this course we will cover:

    • A different approach to goal setting that starts with identity
    • Understanding the mind, body spirit connection
    • Insight on how the mind operates so we can better understand ourselves and manage our life
    • Why understanding emotions and how to manage them is critical for optimal wellbeing, happiness, and achieving your goals.
    • Learn powerful tools and techniques to manage your mind and emotions
    • Practical techniques for developing meal plans
    • How to create sustainable routines and systems that will support your progress and family.
    • Tools, workbooks, and journal prompts that will guide you to your highest self
    • How spirituality is a powerful foundation for wellness and goal setting
    • Sign up for free course to get a feel for the class!





FREE Set4Life Mini Course 

Do you have #goals but find your self struggling to make them happen?
This class was create to guide you the power that you already have to perform at your highest level.
In this mini course we will cover:
  • How the old/common model of goal setting is not a sustainable route for achieving your goals.
  • A new approach to ensuring you are on the best path to a life you want.
  •  The root cause of why most people do not live in harmony with their core desires
  • How to identify what is holding you back in life and what you can do about it.
  • How understanding your true self and nature will aid you in all your goal pursuing and in creating the life you most desire.