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Sariah Tate

Hello, I am founder of Set4Life Academy! Welcome! I am so glad you are here.

 My own journey of emerging from pain and struggle has helped me come into the glorious truth that we not at all the shameful, struggling beings many times we feel we are.

Instead, at our core, we are magnificent and joyous beyond description.

This wonderful discovery of finding my true self  and living from that space changed EVERYTHING. Relationship, self perception, confidence, enjoyment of life, goal setting and so much more.

Understanding the process of how to continually realign with one’s true self through years of study and practice has been my personal life work.

Now I am happy to help others connect to the truth of their being so, together, we can design the life our souls crave.

I’ve developed systems, programs and products dedicated to elevate and optimize your life.

Hi, I’m Sariah Tate. I’m mother to 3 curious boys, founder of Peke-buo (patent bag systems) and teacher and mentor at the Set4lifeacademy.com.  I’d love to have you join me on this journey of unearthing the most brilliant version of yourself.

 It is all about CREATING here at the academy.

Right now I am  offering classes for kids  to develop creative skills for life through entrepreneurship + art.


I am offering coaching/courses for teens and adults designed to help us connect to our true identity as creators to design the lives ours souls crave.