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What is personal authority?

It’s knowing your own mind…
It’s standing in your own energy…
Its gathering information from people and other sources, but still having the confidence to make your own decisions…
It’s validating yourself in your own truth without needing others to validate you…

When we give up our personal authority too much, it hinders our growth, robs us of joy, steals our confidence, and diminishes our ability to create the life we want!

Our minds tend to give up personal authority in sneaky and surprising ways.

But not to worry! In today’s episode, we’re going to cover,
– the ways we give up personal authority,
– why our brains like to delegate our authority to other people, and
– how to shift our mindset toward confidence and self-validation.

We had so much fun making this episode – you won’t want to miss it!

If what we are teaching resonates with you, but you are unclear on how to APPLY this stuff into your life, we would love to help you – that’s our specialty!

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