Apply to Become a Mentor

 At Set4Life Academy, we want mentors from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, career paths, and passions to be able to connect with students.

Anyone can be a mentor, the main requirement* is someone passionate who is just a couple steps ahead of student to guide and help them build something that they are genuinely excited about. (*Please read over the requirements and payment overview below)

If you are UNDER 18, Please use the JUNIOR MENTOR form below the Standard form.

*Standards and Requirements

There will be standards and requirements to become a mentor if selected. You will need the set4lifeacademy mentor training, a background check, required volunteer hours, an understanding of the set4lifeacademy method, and most importantly have an open and willing mindset.


Although providing mentorship can be extremely gratifying in it of itself to help see someone thrive (and many are willing to do this for free) we want you to feel happy with the compensation you receive for your time, experience, and effort. For this reason, we want you to set the rate you feel most comfortable and satisfied with.

You will be listed on the Set4Life Academy website as a certified mentor. You will receive 80% of the rate you set as a mentor.

This is not a volunteer position even though there will be a few volunteer hours needed initially to make sure you understand and are comfortable with the method.