Doodle page 2022

2022 is HERE and the washable marker is your hand to write the kind of year you’d like to experience.  And if you are anything like me, it miiiight just be rewriting all the goals from 2021 that I totally forgot about, haha. THISSSS time I’ll do them...

The Planetarium (By Hyrum)

On Wednesday we went to the Planetarium. It was fun because I saw a 3-D movie with 3-D glasses! The dinosaur CGI looked so realistic, except for the water, which was not very real. Also at the Planetarium, I played a black hole game that is so fun!!!


On October 14, I got my 1st dose of my COVID-19 vaccine! On November 11, I will get my 2nd dose of the vaccine. It only hurt for a short time. The flu shot hurt more longer.

My Birthday

On Wednesday I turned 12 at 9:59 am! It was my birthday (Oct 13). The day after that I went bowling at Boondocks! I only got 1 spare, but it was worth it! Then on Saturday I had a party! We had a donut-on-a-string eating contest! I got so many presents and I loved all...