In my math study, I’m learning about geometry. It is my favorite math concept! I like geometry because it’s so fun. I enjoy it because it has helped me calculate the area shapes and other similar concepts.

Create like the Art Masters Summer Camp Registration

for Kids ages 6-12 Registration Weekdays from 10 – 1pm for 1 week July 12-17th Each class we will learn about a different artists through out history, their unique style and then we will create a masterpiece using their techniques. We will learn about Impressionism,...
The Energy You Do it in is What Counts

The Energy You Do it in is What Counts

The greatest experience of prolonged darkness I have ever experienced was only a few years ago. I was depleted in every way–emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I was running around as a mother of 3 young kids, driving them to and from school,...