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Do you ever have experiences in your life where things line up perfectly? As if your journey has already been laid out for you?

Or perhaps you feel the opposite, like you’re in a continual struggle, and you would like your life’s journey to fall into place harmoniously at last?

That was Michael’s experience.

What started out as a back injury became a journey of spiritual healing. His journey carried him across America, with an inexplicable knowing that he was meant to become a spiritual healer and coach. After answering what he felt was his souls mission, his life fell into place through a series of miraculous synchronicities.

We’re so excited to share this interview with you, as we know that you will be inspired and uplifted by Michaels grounded, enlightened energy as we were. In this interview, Michael shares so many wonderful gems of inspiration, like living life with child-like wonderment, treating physical ailments as opportunities for inner healing, and trusting the flow of your life.

If you would like to learn more about Michael and his work, you can reach out to him at www.thespiritualhealthcoach.com or call him at 908-418-7185.

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