Salmon are amazing fish. They look cool, they are great parents, and go through 7 stages of life.

Salmon are cool-looking. Usually they’re silver, but as a spawning adult(paragraph 4), they are red with a bluish-greenish-gray head. They are sometimes stripy as a young salmon, depending on the species.

Salmon are amazing parents. When they are adults, they start going upstream to lay their eggs. They have to go up waterfalls, dams, and sometimes mud to get there. The females lay eggs, then the males fertilize them, and then the female covers the eggs with gravel. Unfortunately, the parents die from their exhausting journey.

Salmon go through 7 different stages of life. First they’re eggs. They hatch into alevin. The alevin have the yolk sac from their egg attached to them for food. After 5 weeks, they’re fry. They start to swim downstream. At 10 weeks old, they turn into parr. They’re the stripy ones. Basically, They’re the teenager stage of the salmon. Then they turn into smolts. Their stripes disappear and they’re back at the sea or ocean their parents came from. As an adult, they spend between 1 and 8 years in the ocean. Then they turn into spawning adults, the last stage of their life. They’re red with a grayish-greenish-blue head. They go back to where they hatched, over waterfalls and upstream, to lay their eggs. Then-they-die-and-the-whole-process-starts-all-over-again.

And there you have it. That’s my salmon report.