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In this episode, we explain a few of the nuances that come with understanding and living in the Tao.

We discuss the idea that suffering is necessary… until it is not necessary. And that it’s possible to gradutate from learning and growing through hardship, to learning and growing through joy and trust.

We also discuss how to resolve the cognitive dissonances that sometimes arises from learning these Tao-like concpets, with respect to the almost universal teaching that trials and hardship are valuable and necessary.

And finally, we discuss how this applies to the collective consciousness! We frame this application in the current turbulence of the global pandemic, a politically contentious election, and social unrest. We explain how such social challenges are helping humanity to progress toward the Tao.

Ultimately, we emphasize how each of us can still live on a higher, more peaceful plane while humanity struggles around us.

We hope you enjoy!

If what we are teaching resonnates with you, but you are unclear on how to APPLY this stuff into your life, we would love to help you – that’s our specialty!

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Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash.