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We both felt inspired to come together and record a podcast to share a message with the world! In this episode, we want to introduce the overarching theme of our podcast message, and the message is very timely! During the recording of this episode, our world is still in the throws of the 2020 pandemic, and our country is in an upheaval of contention and suffering regarding the issues of racism and law enforcement. We hope this message will help alleviate some of the suffering in the world and provide some clarity of what’s happening energetically in our society.

Our message is about finding peace and joy during tumultuous times by 
– disengaging from painful and unproductive energies in the world, 
– operating on a higher and truer energetic plane of existence where love and peace are abundant,
– becoming one with humanity, and
– understanding our true identity, which is larger and more beautiful than our earthly origin and life experience.

There is another option then simply getting caught up in the suffering! And when it comes to resolving political and social issues, there is a way to find better solutions – solutions that are rooted in love, creativity, and unity!

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If what we are teaching resonnates with you, but you are unclear on how to APPLY this stuff into your life, we would love to help you – that’s our specialty!

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The music for this episode was created by HookSounds.