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Make and Sell

Make & Sell 

Young Entrepreneur Camp


Does your child love to make things and do they dream of selling their creations?

My desire is to encourage your child to kindle their passion and guide them in creating a real life mini business of their own.

This class is designed to empower the young entrepreneur to believe in their capacities for current and future endeavors.

In this class we will cover: creating a vision, creating value, branding, promotion, money principles, making their product and selling.

Each student will receive their own workbook to that will help guide and develop their business ideas. 

We will have a mini market at the end of the camp to sell their creations to friends and family.

Ages 4-7: June 6-10th 2022, 10-12pm | Cost: $90

Ages 8-14+: June 6-10th 2022 1-4pm | Cost $125

Maker space and support available: June 13-17 10-2 pm | Cost $125 full week | $60 3x/week | $30/day 

Mini Market: June 23, 6-8 pm

Parent volunteering requested for at least one day a week and 30% off tuition every extra day.

Set4life Academy will provide basic craft and art supplies but depending on a child’s idea, there maybe other investments involved for a student’s idea to come to life. 

Extra hours  for personalized private support available.

Best place ever for art lessons! My daughter learned so much, and had so much fun! Her final project was beautiful and it was so fun for them to get to frame their special piece and have their own official art show to display their masterpieces. Sariah is an amazing artist, and is wonderful at bringing the artist out in each child as well!

Tiffany Wallis

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Rules and Policies

Attendance/Absence Policy:

Please contact  learn (at) set4lifeacademy.com should your student miss their lesson so we can be prepared. There is no refund/credit for missed  lessons. However, since I understand emergencies and illnesses arise and vacations are planned, we do offer virtual classes via zoom. Please contact the teacher when your child is absent to be sent a Zoom invitation. Should you wish to receive a recording of the Zoom art lesson for your child to watch on their own schedule, please email learn@set4lifeacademy.com

Our academy rules are simple:

Be kind, be respectful, dress for art mess. Clean up. Have fun!

If someone is behaving in a way that is unsafe or unkind, we will do our best to resolve any problems as they arise. However, we reserve the right to ask a student to leave if they continue to disrupt the experience of other artists. Set 4 life academy is a wonderful place for all students to create in a peaceful, encouraging and warm environment!

 Keep in mind, this is a home learning studio, and private residence spaces are not for students. We may need breaks during our class session, during which students are welcome to play in our backyard or indoor gym downstairs at their own risk.

 We are going to be using masks in our classroom until further notice.

Please arrive on time.

Please keep to the lesson time schedule and pick-up on time. Should an emergency arise, please text or call Sariah Tate.  Arrive no more than 5 minutes before class to drop-off if you need to register or pay and please pick-up at the end-lesson dismissal time. 


What kinds of payments do you accept?

Cash, Check

Venmo: https://venmo.com/sariah-tate

Paypal:  https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sariahtate

Where are the classes located located?

1846 n 200 e centerville Utah. 

Media Policy

Photos and videos of students at work and their artwork are sometimes taken during art class. These photos and videos are for The Set4LifeAcademy use only and may be used in promotional materials, social media and Set4lifeacademy website. If you wish to opt your child and/or their art out of this type of media use, please email learn@set4lifeacademy.com