Book of Ideas and Plans | Bullet journal with numbered pages and prompts for idea generating and dreaming




Do you need a place to organize your big ideas and plans? This workbook is for the visionary young or grownup who would like to put something amazing into the world. Created for the new content creator or entrepreneur, this workbook will prompt you with the needed questions to get your juices going. The 50+ rest of the page are open-ended line/dot grid pages to contain and organize all your wild ideas pouring out of your beautiful mind.

This can also be printed or used digitally for apps like goodnotes.

– Cover and Index Pages
– Brainstorming
– Vision and inspiration
– Big Why
– Creating value
– When
– Name idea
– Audience Focused
– Branding
– Getting the word out
– Cost to make
– Time to create
– Quality list
– Designs for getting the word out
– Align with Vision
– 50+ Lined/dotted grid numbered pages