How To Connect With Your “Prickly” Super Feeler Child Instantly




Do you see a lot of this type of behavior?

  • Hard “prickly” outer shell
  • Saying “NO!” To Everything
  • Huge power struggles that don’t make sense
  • Pushing you and others away
  • Wincing or pulling away from affection

Many kids are labeled DEFIANT, STUBBORN, ORNERY, DIFFICULT, and MEAN when there is something totally different going on behind the scenes that is very eye opening!

We Call These Kids SUPER FEELERS!

And inside, we teach you how to turn frustrating and aggravating moments with your so called “ornery, defiant, prickly” kids into moments of loving connection and softness with your super hero Super Feelers!

Get Exact Scripts Of What To Say To Melt The Hard Outer Shell Starting TODAY

No need to watch lots of video courses or read multiple books, get all the information within minutes and start implementing TODAY. You will start to notice a difference immediately!

Here’s What You’ll Discover…

The Exact Words Your Child Is Craving To Hear From You

How To Stop A Power Struggle In Its Tracks
The Exact Reasons Why They Are Pushing You Away
How To Provide More Affection When They Always Wince Or Pull Away
And a whole ton more!