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SET4Life Course+ coaching: A Whole-Being approach to wellness and goal setting

Course Description

Are you ready to feel your best so you can perform and achieve at your highest level? Have you wondered how to improve your overall health and want to understand how to do it from a holistic place?

In this course we will dive deep to understand  the four main parts of health (mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical) and how they operate together. We will learn what can be done to nurture each aspect so we can live in harmony with our core desires.
In this course we will cover:

    • A different approach to goal setting that starts with identity
    • Understanding the mind, body, spirt connection
    • Insight on how the mind operates so we can better understand ourselves and manage our life
    • How spirituality is a powerful foundation for wellness and goal setting
    • Why understanding emotions and how to manage them is critical for optimal wellbeing and happiness
    • Practical techniques for developing custom workouts and meal plans
    • How to create sustainable routines and systems that will support your progress
    • Tools, workbooks and journal prompts that will guide you to your highest self
I’m so GRATEFUL I joined the Set4Life Academy. In a year when I had gotten pretty used to negative thinking and lowering my expectations, Sariah’s course helped me change my mindset and start achieving my personal and professional goals.
Through a combination of discussion, reflection, and practical application of simple principles, Sariah helps you understand your “true self” and how to become the person you want to be.
I highly recommend this course to anyone who’s ever felt overwhelmed, stuck, or just needs a little inspiration in their lives. 10/10 recommend!

Sariah has done years of study on how to train your mind, body and spirit for success. In a relatable and indispensable way she has put all the best parts of her learning together in an indispensable set of courses that is not only memorable but is also empowering in a lasting way. On top of her in person courses she is incredibly generous in offering additional tools and resources to follow along with and as follow up to her classes! I am so grateful I took part in the first series of these classes and look forward to participating in more of her courses in the future! Thank you Sariah for all your work and your willingness to offer this program and your knowledge!

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Created to guide you in this process and  help you get the most out of this course.

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Disclaimer + Policy

I am a not medical professional, therapist, psychiatrist, or clinical counselor — I seek to empower others through life coaching and mentoring based on the personal research and understanding I presently have. Please consult your physician before making any health-related and medical decisions. 

All information is kept confidential between coach and client.

The only exception to this is if coach becomes aware that  client and/or others are in physical danger in which case a supportive authority might intervene. 

Group coaching calls/courses  and content there in becomes available to those in the Set4Lifeacademy group program. We ask that all information disclosed remains within the group.

Payments must be made prior to coaching/access to courses and coaching

Payments accepted:

Cash, Check to Sariah Tate