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1 episode premise 

The education/creation revolution 

Back in 2020, I felt like I accidentally prayed in the pandemic

Right before the closures, we were wrestling our middle son to go to school. We would often time have to carry him in through the school doors crying. He would frequently  try to take off. Even when he was in the classroom he would often be in the corner not wanting to be there. We tried every intervention available at the school and counseling to try to help him but honestly things seem like they were getting worse. 

There was lots going on during that time that compounded the stress. Their dad and I were separated and living in different condos. It was a time of  betrayal, heartbreak and turmoil for me. My nervous system was completely shot and I was a mental health mess. 

 I so longed for us to just bring everything to a halt. To slow down, and reconnect. But how? How could I possibly slow down the seemingly non-stop demands of the world??

Then the shut down happened. It literally brought to pass exactly what my soul craved. I got to be home with the kids. All the hustle and bustle suddenly disappeared. Our main point of contact become each other. 

It helped inspire us to move into a home together (yup, even though we were still separated). The circumstances helped us make the decision to homeschool, something I really wanted but didn’t  think could even be possible with the direction we were going.

It was so many of the things I had secretly wanted. All of us home, learning, and loving, together, at our own pace, in our own way. 

It was such a relief in so many ways. I LOVED IT.

I began to have the desire for my kids to have a touch of formal instruction with other kids so I set up little art classes where I invited a few other students to learn art with us.

I decided to call it Set4life academy. I had been inspired to set up a learning center with that name for a long time. SET  is actually my initials at the time: Sariah Esther Tate or since I am now recently remarried, Sariah Esther Trademark  but more than that I believed SET 4 life is a state of connectedness with your highest self, and in that state it becomes easy to create all that we desire. I wanted to teach students how to connect with that and the simple art lessons were a small way to start with my bigger vision.

I started teaching traditionally by creating a curriculum of what we would learn. For instance, we had an art principle class where I talked about concepts such as composition, and shading color theory and we prepared a small project for students to practice each principle.

At the end of each unit, I would have my students come up with their own project where they could implement all the principles they had learned. And then I would have a little art gallery where friends and family could come see their masterpieces.

After doing that for a while, I decided to switch to a primate/semi-private set up structure and recognized that an even better and more engaging way to learn is to start off with the end Projects instead of leaving it for the end, that way student is excited about and they learn all the principles to get there along the way.  

It is what I called student-inspired learning.

I loved it because students can learn all the principles needed while focusing on a project they were passion about. A mentor is simply someone who’s more experienced and who guides students through projects and connects students to resources and options they wouldn’t otherwise have and helps the learner make considerations they wouldn’t otherwise make. 

The focus is heavily on the student and what he or she wants: Something I often told my students is— This is your project so make sure it is something you really want to do: I love to give students full ownership and control because it means full investment and true internal drive for them to complete it.

 It is no longer creating because the teacher wants the students to do something but rather creating because the student is genuinely interested and excited about the project. The mentor simply provides some direction, resources, and information The student does not yet have access to.

It felt so right. The kids I got to work with came up with some amazing things and the best part is that I felt like it just aligned with the flow of life. No forcing or coaxing, it was just trusting them and their process and their desires.

In October of 2021 our divorce was finalized. It wasn’t anything I ever wanted for my family. It just felt so unfair to have innocent children have to suffer the consequences of an adult decision like this. I soon realized if my goal was to inflict the least amount of damage on my kiddos the least I could do was to do my best to preserve a good relationship with their dad.

Their dad and I  worked closely and respectfully to raise our kids. In fact he rented out my basement during this transition period, having our kids under one roof meant the world to me while going through this phase. We were both available to them as they needed us. I was primarily homeschooling and he was working from home, it was awesome to get his interjections during lunch time or in passing. He’s a scientist/engineer and I come from a more expressive and creative mind so I always felt we provided the full spectrum of perspective traits for the kiddos and that the kids had access to both was just fantastic.

Fast forward to the beginning of 2023, I had started to date an amazing guy, named Ben. I took a break from the academy for the summer to have a chance to travel and date Ben.

I was motivated to focus on my peke-buo bag business as I was getting some support from Ben and his brother since they were both running an online business together and they were providing some direction on how to scale it.

I actually felt like it was an important part of the set4life mission for me to grow my biz.  The personal development of hands-on experience of creating and fully scaling a business meant I could teach others to do the same. 

I mean the whole Academy is about having ideas and learning how to bring those ideas to life and contribute to others so to keenly understand how to bring an idea to market in a way that could also sustain you and your family just felt so vital.

 I needed to go all in for a bit and couldn’t focus on both the academy and biz just yet.

I got some direction and a bit of traction on my biz but still felt a pull toward set4life but wasn’t fully clear on it. 

The big SHIFT

Not sure what shifted.

I remember a few days before my big shift Ben and I had gone camping and we were both so out of it. I was vibing in a really low place. I’ve become aware that this will sometimes happen before a huge surge of inspiration, perhaps as a way of the mind and body processing old things in order to receive new knowledge and insight.

I’ll be honest what helped trigger this shift started with an email to set4life academy from the education innovators association.

It reminded me of the utah fits all scholarship program: by the way if you are in utah, This program allows parents to direct the state portion of education funding to personalize your child’s education and can be used for a variety of choices, It is available for families to use in the 2024-2025 school year. if you want to  Learn more , I’ll add more info about it in the description. about the program and sign up to receive the latest news for providers. The window is now open and will close April 22.

They basically emailed me saying there would be support for businesses like mine.

But all of that set aside it Reminded me that the education space was going through drastic evolution and we are all on the cusp of a big change.

We’ve all known for a while that the public education system is no longer optimally serving students as well as it could. Well-meaning teachers and administrators are doing there best however the ever-changing needs of society are challenging for the model itself to change and I believe we are at a significant cusp of that change.

Allowing families to have direct access to the funding allotted to these students allows for families to have way more flexibility and education options.

It became clear that Families and the education space are looking for education based biz like mine.

AND I AM one of those families LOOKING for personalized education.  I mean, I have a child’s condition IS SCHOOL RESISTANT where traditional schools, despite their best efforts, could not accommodate my child well.

This and above all I felt like I had found a secret sauce for learning…or more like tuned into how most of us learned which is very much based on our passions. 

It really prompted me to ask the question, if I could design an academy to support all sorts of kinds of students in their passions and honestly fulfill the purpose of not just education but of LIFE what would it look like? 

4 pillars

  1. Connect: your Inner state
  2. Create: creation process
  3. Freedoms
  4. Aspects of self. 

Before we jumping into all the doing of learning and education/ I want to teach on below the iceberg. No, this isn’t addressed as much in schools but what is going on on the inside is the biggest indicator of what will be happening outside us and it just cannot be neglected. I want students in the academy to develop that vital self awareness.

Set4life academy is a HOLISTIC approach to learning and life.

I am genuinely interested in people being set for life: Mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and in their most important relationships. ALL THE THINGS

In order to do that we must inspect what is going on underneath the surface.

1st Pillar- Connection through our inner experiences

In the academy we will refer to what makes our inner experiences: ;

Our BODY— physiology and sensations 

Our MIND— thoughts and beliefs

Our HEART—Our emotions and feelings

Our Spirit— Our awareness and connection to the higher self

We use our awareness of what is going on inside us to understand what we need and develop the skill to meet those needs. As we meet those needs we ascend into higher states of being. We emerge from the lower survival fight or flight into states of peace, love and joy. 

The goal is to access a state of flow and connectedness.

A lot of what I want the academy to be about is understanding how we personally connect to his optimal state.

How do we align our mind, body, heart and spirit to our truest state as a creator?

It is a state of being where creation and building the life we truly desire is natural.

It is our most natural state.

It is who we really are.

 it is a state of love, connectedness, freedom, and creativity.

Why don’t we feel this amazing state most of the time?

Even though is our natural and truest state, our default state here on earth is one of mainly fear and victimhood coping and distraction. 

We must remember our BIRTH RIGHT and connect to our greater state. 

Is really is a a process of remembering and using our awareness to connect to those higher state.


We aren’t all our conditioning, our wounds, our traumas, our fears, our anxiety, OCD or even our thoughts, emotions or actions.

Who we truly are at our deepest level is the loving awareness behind it all, ready to heal it all and bring the mind and heart to its whole state. To its true divine states as creator of our lives. 

That’s actually what i mean when I say SET4LIFE is bringing the 4 parts of our being into alignment to be set4life again. Which is when we are best set for creation, love, unity, oneness as we connect to our true se in lf.

THe thing is that once we are there we can create and learn all that we desire. All the areas of lives improve simultaneously, 

However when we are upset or when our state is  deregulated, in a place of disconnect and vibrating at a level that’s we really aren’t we must understand how to RESET.  OR we might just be OFFSET where we weren’t necessarily upset but feeling off, unmotivated and uninspired. Then too, we must noticed it and find ways to REST. We must realign and connect with our highest truest self again and be SET4LIFE.

I’m excited to provide more tools and connection on this on how to develop the awareness to realigns with your best self again, making it more of your natural state.

I made a whole course on this that is available on the site that helps you dive in a little deeper on these concepts to achieve your goals. The course currently even comes with direct support and coaching for me right now. It will likely be a limited time this is available.  I will also be creating more content about this so stay tuned however you are connected to me.

OK that is the inner state pillar. 

That is the foundation of everything. Once we have that in balance, it is much easier to optimize and master the creation o f the outer experiences.

2nd pillar – Creation- 4 phases of creation. 

First: Dream and discover.

We all have things that we are uniquely drawn to. In fact I believe that we are born with an innate genius that is waiting to be discovered and developed.  It is important to create a safe and fun space where we can freely discover what we like and who we are. It should allow for lots of room for playing, dreaming, fun and exploring.

Second: Gather +plan.

Once we have had the chance to discover what we like and what we want to create,  we need an opportunity to dive deeper and gather information and resources. Being able to organize and layout our personal vision, we can then create a personalized ‘map’ or plan that will help us create it. We can outline a unique path

Third: Create + Build.

Next it is time to move into inspired and informed action. This is where we can use passions, gathered information, plans and skills to make, build or create something that can potentially create value and ultimately contribute to humanity. This also could include finding a way to sustain yourself and family financially such as building a business.

Fourth: Reflect+Rest

It is crucial to actively continue to evaluate one’s life path and passions. Reflection aids in continual improvements and helps us adjust our life to align with our highest desires. Rest is crucial in creation. God himself rested. Nature rests and has periods of no production. It is rejuvenated all our creative powers again.old and I want it to be an integral part of our learning model and life.

It is interesting because in my church group they are teaching the kids to follow a similar formula, in fact they call it a pattern for growth, which I think is brilliant . I so appreciate that they are creating frameworks for the children and youth to to meet their own goals and desires. 

I believe it is important to help youngesters become aware of this framework early and help them develop the understanding of themselves and guide them through this natural process so that they are continually developing themselves and our unique abilities. 

I believe the simple model of learning is a natural learning process, we basically all do it. WE are all curious about things and want to learn more. We do research and we might find that we want to build or create something with the new information. Lastly we evaluate if it is something that we want to continue to pursue or not. The goals is to blow up  this simple concept up to help guide the next generation of students to optimize their learning. I will explain how in more detail later.

For now, I created a couple digital files that I use for myself and my students to help define and clarify  all these things. I call it life designer. It’s basically a planner but if there are types like me who are adverse to planning, but open to dream and setting intention then this is definitely for you. It’s helped me tremendously with time blocking and creating more clarity around my life and day. 

I tell my kids: did you know I built a whole business just setting aside 1-2 dedicated hours (sometimes more sometimes less) to working on it? I tell them this bc it used to be that they got an hour of video games but now I encourage them to build something instead.  It doesn’t have to take that much time but Does it take focus and clarity on what you’re trying to build. 

That Same business that I built using 1-2 hours a day its called Peke-buo  as a mom or three kids Now has equity partners invested in it because of the value created in that time. It’s just crazy to think now that I built that with just remnants of time. Imagine what you could build with just a bit of intention and dedication.

I have a digital file called the Book of ideas and plans for even more open-ended planning and dreaming. It’s a bullet journal with numbered pages and prompts for idea-generating. You can find these on my site.  These are just small ways I want to help

3 Pillar- Expand and preserve our FREEDOM

This next pillar is about being about to go about this process while still being able to preserve our FREEDOMS. I want to be able to genuinely set people free as I work on claiming more of my personal freedoms. 

I learned about the 4 freedoms through Dan Sullivan from strategic coaching. They are Freedom of Time, money, relationships, and purpose. I feel like protecting and EXPANDING our ability to access these freedoms is what life really is all about. That is one big thing most if not all of us want and before it was defined to me it wasn’t clear that that is why I do most of what I do. If we keep these clear and in mind it helps make all other decisions obvious. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a place that provided the mindset and framework to gain more and more of our personal freedom?

I love how Dan defines each of the freedoms. Pay attention to see if they resonate with you. 

Freedom of Time. You want to spend your working life doing what you really enjoy doing, and you also want the freedom to spend time not working too, so you can have a full life and pursue your other interests.

  • Freedom of Money. You don’t want a ceiling on how much money you can make for doing a great job, for coming up with valuable new solutions or inventions. And if your efforts generate money, you don’t want anyone dictating how much of that money you can keep.
  • Freedom of Relationship. There are certain people you love working with—both inside and outside your business—and you want to spend more and more of your time surrounded just by these people you click with, whom you appreciate and who appreciate you.
  • Freedom of Purpose. This entrepreneurial company you’ve created is not just a job or a career; it’s actually a vehicle to all sorts of things that relate to your fundamental values and ideals in life. This allows you to have a tremendous sense of purpose for being on this planet. Entrepreneurs are the greatest contributors of money, opportunity, and capability to communities all over the world, in every field of human activity.

When you lose sight of these four freedoms, that’s when you start to hit barriers and encounter complexity. At any time, though, you can bring your focus back to expanding these freedoms and find that your life immediately gets simpler; your decisions, actions, and communication become clearer; and you experience continual growth.”

That is the end of Dan’s thought on this matter.

Yes, he does focus on building business. I do believe there is room to work for other people as a way to get the experience we need. I will say that to expand all those freedoms at the most optimal level it does become important to build your own dream and vehicle: aka a business. You might hear that and be turned off because is that really what we have to do?

 Well, the thing is,  you can either spend your time building your dream or get paid to build someone else’s. You can choose your path or be assigned one. Hopefully, I can show you how simple and powerful doing your one thing can be.

I also think youngsters should be given the chance to build something of their own. There is not only so much learning and growth in that process but I believe doing it earlier in life is so valuable!

I believe that a lot of the reason adults don’t venture off to do their own thing is because they aren’t given a chance to even think about it until they are in their 20s and often even way later when it becomes harder and harder.   

We typically weren’t given support or encouragement throughout our schooling years. We are told to focus on getting good grades to get a good job. Most of our education is receiving assignments from teachers about different subjects we may or not align with our passions or purpose. There is lip service around following your dreams and passions but zero time and little support to actually do so. 

So when we finally graduate from high school and then do college we might be lucky enough to build something of our own in our 20s or after, however, the risk just keeps increasing with rising responsibility and payments. It becomes risky to venture out and do something on our own because we simply lack time and experience and because now we have a bunch of bills we have to pay and likely even a family to raise and provide for. Not to mention everyone around you asking, “When are you going to get a  “real job” in general most adults have already become so risk averse but then. 

I was lucky that my husband at the time was the full-time provider so I had a chance to putter around in a bunch of things with the remnants of time left as as a stay-at-home parent.

But wouldn’t it be AMAZING if KIDS/teens got the chance to putter around and get real-world experience of building something real that could even bring in actual money while they still were at home without the risk and responsibility of paying for housing and before they had to fully adult?

Kids would have the chance to explore and fail 100s times FREELY. It would actually be encouraged in this academy. Failing means you are trying and the more we fail and get back up, the more we learn and build resilience. By the time became adults they would have so much under their belt. They would either already have a successful company running or be on the verge of their greatest success. 

I haven’t even started to talk about the best part yet of how exactly we would pull this off, just wait.

Ok the last pillar is similar to the first but slightly different.

4th Pillar- Development Of Self

I made sure to add this because we need to keep balance in these 4 areas otherwise our other areas suffer. 

  1. Mental—how do we want to develop our intellect and optimize our learning? 
  2. physical- how we want to train and develop our physical body and maintain our health?
  3. social- How do we build and maintain healthy relationships? 
  4. Spirituality- How canI connect you to God and your higher self to receive the needed guidance for life?

Yes. I’m serious about wanting to create a well-balanced life!

All these pillars actually relate and affect each other so part of the academy is to try to help integrate all of this and provide guidance on how to do that.

How do I hope to build this?

Really, I think we don’t need anything special to start! You literally could use and implement these concepts right away into your home and into your life. And that’s what I want for families and grown-ups and kids! I want to share these ideas here so you can see the possibility and have a framework that could inspire and guide you! 

Another way that I can help you is through these digital resources that I am scattering throughout. I make these resources for myself and my family first and foremost because I noticed that they help and they work. I also reiterate and refine these printables and workbooks and use them with my students once I know they are a reliable resource. Even for the most scattered minds like mine. Go to my shop to see all of the resources currently available.

So everything I build is because I see it as a tool that I know would be helpful for me and so by the time it’s actually available to you, I’ve refined it to a point where I feel like it could be used for a lot of people. 


One resource that I want Set4Life Academy to have is to be able to connect students with mentors. I want mentors from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, career paths, and passions to be able to connect with students and be someone who is just a couple steps ahead to guide them and help them build something that they are genuinely excited about. 

A mentor would be different than a teacher in that they would NOT be there to lecture or give predetermined assignments. 

A mentor would be in charge of finding out and listening to what really excites the student and discovering with the student a project that they could build together. Again, it would be STUDENT LED and mentor-guided. The mentor would help ask the right questions, give appropriate prompts, share insights and resources to help keep the student on track, movitated and engaged. 

If you or you know someone would be interested in supporting the set4life vision by  sharing your talents and transferring skill to the younger generation/or just less experienced in your field  by creating something together, please contact me. I am currently developing a mentor mentoring program to help do this. 

There were also be opportunities for junior mentors. If you have a son or daughter that is skilled in some way and would be interested in guiding students with less experience them, its a great growth opportunity for both mentor and student. Students mentoring students would be the coolest thing ever. 

What about the entrepreneur business part?

For the entrepreneur part of the program I want to have specialized mentors that know how to help scale a business because they already have experience doing it. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have early access to building a business AND having an experienced person help you scale it? And once it gets to a certain scale there might be even a consideration for these mentors to be equity partners to help invest and grow the business in a real world way. I’m so excited for this.

Can you see the vision? All mentors would be trained in the Set4Life Academy way to help improve all areas of life. 

Mentally, emotionally, socially and even spiritually.

I need to put in a plug I for spirituality bc I can’t tell you how much of a spiritual process building and growing something bigger than you is. It requires so much personal growth but also trust and connection to something bigger and higher than yourself. It requires faith, and trust to learn how to be spiritually guided. I believe this is one of our big rest purposes as human beings and I want to help fulfill that through this academy. Connecting to our true spiritual selves by healing 

Building something is such a huge mechanism for healing.  We get to face all our biggest fears when we set big aspirations like this. We get to find out what we are really made of. 

And find out we get to find out it’s not fear. We get to experience ourselves as the light, love and intelligence we really are and we get to share that with others through our contributions. We get to create deliberate conditions for our own personal growth through the creation of our vision. 

All doing this while persevering our personal freedoms of building sustainable wealth, and increasing our access to time so we can build and enjoy the relationships we choose and live life aligned with our personal purpose.

Ohhh all this gives me the absolute chills. I hope are feeling this vision too!!

There is so much more to come.

As a sneak peak, I’m thinking of Worldwide conferences to connect with other creators and mentors at a different places around the world each year.  I’d love to have an actual learning center at some point. I want to build a nature playground for kiddos to explore in a natural way. I want to have access to all sort of living things like plants and animals so we can connect to our natural habitat easily as it helps us connect to our primary state as creators. 

I want to especially help the neurodivergent

that otherwise struggle in traditional settings, like my PDA  son, and help them see themself as the superstars they really are. Ohhh the things I have learned from my own son and it is amazing to have watched him struggle so very hard and see him lit up and thriving now. He literally went from by from my most difficult child to my “easiest” child because I finally understood him and his needs. He went from refusing EVERYTHING to willingly choosing into things there were good for him. Most of which were shocking based on how he’s operated in the past.  I want to do a whole episode on this.

Anyway, I hope you’ll join me on this journey. I feel a strong pulse to do this and maybe you will feel that call too. Or maybe just be curious about this crazy idea and vision I have. Maybe you’ll learn a few things for you and your family. Maybe you’ll participate in big ways in the academy. I’m looking for it all. You peek through the window a bit, dip your toe or take the plunge. Anyway, you do it, know i’ll be here. Here for you, for families and for the future of our dear world. I have loads of hope for it.