Subconscious Visualization 101 Group Healings

This course comes with regular group healing/coaching calls. This is one of the best parts of the course! 

You, me, and some of your fellow students will meet regularly on Zoom to do some live Q&A, coaching and healing! 

These healing calls will be your opportunity to come get some real healing,  live help, and real exposure to VT. 

At each group call, I’ll start us off by conducting a short group healing, and then I’ll open the meeting up for some Q&A. This will be your chance to raise your hand and ask a question – and then I’ll either answer your question and coach you a bit, or provide a little bit of VT healing or reiki healing if it feels approrpiate. And I’ll answer as many questions as I can before the time runs out. 


  • Where i’ll conduct a short group healing
  • and then I’ll open it some Q&A mentoring and energy sessions
  • type your questions in the Q&A and I’ll take your quesions – answer as many as I can before time runs out – if I don’t get to your question, ask in FB grop 
  • I’ll answer with coahcing and VT or reiki healing when appropriate
  • what to ask and not ask
    • questions about how to do visualization
    • a block you are experiencing in a visualization
    • about healing, energy, or anything else you learned in the course
    • small or large – all is welcome 
    • don’t ask admin or technical questions – email
    • questions not relating to the course or the material
  • this is awesome because both to get help and to listen to others get help to help you get better at VT
  • You are welcome to come to the coaching call forever – lifetime membership and access to the course – there maybe changes in the future if the course grows to large (a call for returning students and for current students)
  • also now it will be just open Q&A, but in the future, when the course grows to large for open Q&A, welll change the format so you will need to sign up or submit your questions beforehand.
  • replay of the courses as well 
  • not required, but I highly recommend you join or watch the replay – some students like to join weekly while working through the course and then just join as needed, some join each week even after they’ve completed the course, and some just join a few times to get a sense of how it works and then later as needed