Do you ever feel like your floundering in life, trying to fight one wave of hardship after another? Or are you feeling frustrated, discouraged, or depressed over the hardships and challenges that the pandemic and current social unrest has brought into your life?

We have a fabulous episode for you!

Meet Julie Burningham: she is a life coach, recording artists, teacher, and mother. We have been so lucky to have the opportunity to interview and learn from her as she teaches,

  • how to let go of needing to control the outcomes in your life, 
  • the power of tuning in to your body and heart,
  • the beautiful unfolding of life you witness when you learn to surrender, and
  • how all the answers to our personal challenges can be found within our internal wisdom.

If you would like to  learn more about or work with Julie, you can go to her website at, or find her on Facebook at “Julie Guinn Burningham.”

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