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Have you ever tried to achieve or create something in your life (such as a goal, an experience, a dream, a new habit, or a new version of yourself) and you found that, despite your hard determined work, or despite your trying to utilize the law of attraction,  it was a fruitless, uphill battle? Or even discouraged or depressing?

In this episode, we talk about how to create experiences in a graceful, easy, and harmonious way by flowing with the natural orders of creation in the universe (or as we will call it, the Tao).

By learning the way of the Tao and the natural order of creation in the universe, achieving goals and creating new experiences is no longer a grind, nor an uphill battle, but a joy! An adventure where all things work together for your good in perfect timing and harmony.  And even when your “working hard,” the work isn’t hard, but engaging and joyful.

We are bridging the gap between hard work vs. the law of attraction, and explaining that both of these models, if misunderstood, may actually sabotage your dreams and goals, rather than support them.

We are so passionate about this topic because we have so much personal experience with it! We are so excited to share this episode with you!

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