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Most people are conditioned to believe that anger is bad, immoral, or should be avoided.

We think differently.

We believe that anger, like any other emotion, is important information, and we need to start paying attention to it!

Anger is a gift!

That’s right, we said it. A gift, darn it!

It is a protective mechanism.

It helps us move up the emotional scale.

It helps drive us to action.

Anger is like a toddler: if we ignore it, push it aside, or shame it, it will misbehave in a destructive manner. But when we understand and care for it properly, it can become our friend.

Not to be dramatic… but you NEED to listen to this episode! It will change your perspective, and possibly your  life!!

If what we are teaching resonnates with you, but you are unclear on how to APPLY this stuff into your life, we would love to help you – that’s our specialty!

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