The greatest epiphany I ever had was the realization that, no matter what pain a person experiences in life, their higher self, their “essence” or “spirit” remains exquisitely happy and free!

It’s true! Did you know this??

When fear or worry finds you…
When the world is in chaos…
When your mind is full of confusion…
When you feel worthless…
When tragedy strikes…

Your higher self knows that everything is okay – that everything is wonderful! That there is an infinite supply of love, peace, power, and joy in the universe available to you, no matter what.

The next time you feel mad, sad, scared, or insecure, take a time-out for yourself.

Find a quiet place and close your eyes for just three minutes.

Quiet your mind.

Let go of the future, let go of the past. Let go of your opinions about other people or events.

Relax, stop struggling, and just BE for a minute or two.

Then go into your heart and open up to the infinite being inside you.

“When we do this,” wrote Shakti Gawain, “we suddenly discover that we’re really perfectly okay, in fact, we feel quite wonderful, just letting ourselves be, and letting the world be, without trying to change things… It’s a very freeing experience, and a most basic one on any path of self-awareness.”

The energy of happiness is always available to you when you LET GO and BE. Just relax and open up to it!